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Here at BVPlumbing, no matter the style of your bathroom, your vanity is likely a centerpiece of the space. You use it more than most pieces of furniture in the house, making it both a functional and stylistic necessity in any home. Starting from the morning when you get ready to coming back freshening up, vanity is your closest associate. This vanity can be your bathroom vanity or it can be makeup vanity as well or both. We know your needs and so, count on us here at BVPlumbing to reface or replace or install a vanity in an easy way to accomplish a bathroom makeover. Here’s what you should consider during your bathroom vanity installation.

Choosing a Vanity

Before even thinking about installing a new vanity, you need to find one that fits both your needs and style. The two basic types of bathroom vanities are freestanding which functions especially well for small spaces and built-in which offers more storage and counter space but also requires more space. But don’t worry here at BVPlumbing we can help you chose or redesign any bathroom to get the perfect vanity installed and making your dreams come true.

Types of Vanities

When choosing your vanity type let BVPlumbing help you choose the best material that fits your bathroom and matches your decor. Here are some common types of vanities you might consider installing:

You can get wood vanities made of oak, mahogany or more inorganic looking types of material. There are natural wood vanities. Bath vanity was designed to serve as an inspiring focal point that also offers functionality, quality and durability. It can be made of solid veneer panels in any finish that coordinates with all bathroom color schemes. For storage, wood vanity offers plentiful options from three drawers and two large cabinets with soft-closing double doors and closing double doors.

Glass Vanity fits into very modern or contemporary bathroom designs. The vanity is designed with a mix of glass, steel and wood for best appearance and strength. You can get glass vanities with very open designs or the typical cabinets and shelves.

For strong and solid foundation for any modern bathroom, the vanity features solid wood construction with one soft closing door and six storage drawers. The vanity is finished in zero-emissions paint and crowned with a safety tempered glass integrated basin-countertop. The Vincente set will make a great centerpiece to any bathroom design. Glass Vanity’s has taken the initiative in changing the vanity industry by adding soft closing doors and drawers. The premium soft-closing hardware not only increases the safety of the vanity, but also its lifetime reliability.

These materials are by no means the limit. You can get vanities that are the mixtures of more than one type, along with pieces that include plastic or other materials in the construction. Here at BVPlumbing we can assist picking out the best vanity which will flow along perfectly with the rest of the bathroom. If you decide to combine your vanity and sink top into one configuration, you have a few decisions to make. But we can help you with that as well. How many sinks do you want? What kind of sink will fit best? Here are some basic types of combinations to use Single: Simple as it sounds, you have one sink in the vanity. Double two sinks and a longer vanity this is good for his/her bathroom configurations. If you don’t want to combine the sink with the vanity, you might consider wall-mounted or console sinks as your best option. If you choose to go with us at BvPlumbing for your vanity install you receive the professional’s experience, licensing, and insurance the potential of a warranty for the job, along with estimates on how long the job will take and whether any homeowners permit are required. Any references you need for past work just ask about satisfaction and recommendation.