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When you are in need of gas line service, think of BVPlumbing for installations and repairs. When you’ve got an issue with a gas pipe or need a gas line installed, you can find us. For natural gas plumbers we are licensed and experienced. Because you don’t want to take chances when installing or repairing systems that deal with gas like water heaters, fireplaces, and gas appliances without licensed company. Digging a trench and laying new gas pipe lines under existing structures. Installing and repairing pipes is a dangerous job that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Gas shut-off valve installation and shutoff valves are commonly found throughout a gas system, typically a main valve near the meter and separate valves before all appliances.

They are used whenever working on an appliance or the system as a whole. Seismic shut-off valves are common in earthquake prone areas. If you add a new appliance such as a furnace, water heater or stove to a property, you need new or extended lines. Gas-powered appliances tend to be more efficient and of higher quality, but if a home’s infrastructure doesn’t have the correct sized tubing to support the install, you need to retrofit it and for that we have you covered. You may want to replace existing electric appliances such as stoves or water heaters with a gas-powered variety. Gas line leak is imperative in the event of a leak. The rotten egg smell caused by sulfur additives alert you to any leaks. Contact BVPlumbing immediately if you smell sulfur. Tubing often corrodes over time; this is especially true at joints where it changes from one type of material to another. Installing and repairing pipes is not just something that anyone can do with ease. It is a complex process that requires the assistance of a professional. Hiring BVPlumbing reduces the possibility of leaks, explosions, toxic gas buildup and corrosive or fire damage to the home.